Sunday, March 24, 2013

existence is created out of non-existence


Why existence is created out of non-existence?

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@Special EPhex,
If your referenced 'science' creates so called scientific concepts in mind like 'Laws of Conservation', 'Thermodynamics', 'energy', 'matter', 'gravity', etc as definition, how can that 'science' accept, 'something cannot come from nothing'? It's hypocrisy.

Consider dimension-A is exclusive to dimension-B.
Then, dimension-A cannot exist within dimension-B and dimension-B cannot exist within dimension-A.
Therefore, how can non-existence (cannot exist) be existence?

@Don H,
If 'con+sciousness' is created and exist as a concept to explain 'togetherness of something', it should exist out of non-existence (creator concept).

The defined 'non-existence' exists as a creation.
But, 'non-existence' cannot be logically relative to 'existence', because non-existence cannot exist..

In your comment you stated: Not anything, ever, is 'created'!
Did you create that statement out of nothing?
(dig deep through reference sources to find that the base is baseless). That's why, existence is created out of non-existence.

What does not exist can be created to exist by challenging Bashar's definition.
For example: television did not exist, but created to exist.

@A P,
if you consider existence doesn't exist, then how can sensations be part of existence?

You cannot use logic with non-existence.

For example;
If 0 (zero) is infinitesimal existence, then 5+0 = 5
If 0 is non-existence, then 5+0=0

Whatever existence you throw into non-existence cannot exist.
Free from existence (nibbana) cannot be referenced by worldly existence!.


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