Monday, March 18, 2013

How reliable is western Education system?


How reliable is western Education system when it desperately inflates a western civilization as intelligent?

The current education system try to distort the history and brain-wash children by including fake history in to school system text books.

'Pythagorean theorem' is not a Pythagorean invention.
'Earth revolves around the Sun' is not a Copernicus invention.

Simply Greek civilization did not invent the popular knowledge, but imported knowledge from other cultures (eg: then India, China, Egypt, etc).

Even America was not discovered by Columbus.

It is bias and intellectual piracy to reference the current knowledge to western sources.
Where were the so called 'western scientists' before short-lived Greek civilization?

Look how so called 'western science (Baconian)' destroyed the nature within last 500 years, after exploring/invading missions to other world with greed to build empires.

Think about how other prosperous civilizations existed in Asian, China, etc. Their cultures were advanced in technology and were truly intelligent to not destroy the nature. Buddhism is the greatest science in that culture.

For example: In then Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura civilization prospered and lasted for around 1500 years. The technology used then surprises current scientists. Advanced agricultural projects did not pollute the nature with Arsenic compared to current situation.

Quote "I say the western education copied (imitated) the knowledge of other stable civilizations, but failed to absorb the original culture that inherited such intelligence." Unquote.

The same can be observed with 'error in division by zero', a concept imported to west from Asian civilizations.

How reliable is western Education system?

Additional Details

Victor of battle seems to be the looser of war, since the Nature is getting polluted thick and fast.
Lastly, can looser write a history? This would be the result of current (western) Education system.

Do most adults discover it for themselves or do they parrot what was fed? It is dangerous.

If a non-Englishman communicate in English, he can get the best out of the language if he thinks as an Englishman by studying the English culture.
Likewise, the correct sources need to be referenced (even for children) to learn the original knowledge instead of projected knowledge, where the original you is not your shadow.


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