Sunday, March 24, 2013

western thinking fundamentally fail to observe the living existence


Why does western thinking fundamentally fail to observe the living existence?

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Lets consider the motion of a quantum particle, subjected to its own internal forces.

Two 'thought-objects' created and relevant to this particle are it's position X and it's momentum P.

Given that there are no external forces acting on the particle, one could imagine that the two 'thought objects' X and P are conditioned by each other (inter-dependent) by a cyclic relationship.

(I suggest you to draw a truth table to picture it)

In such a case, with conventional Aristotelian logic (ignorance of 'weak states'), X and P can cease to exist in observation, leading to the familiar of the 'uncertainty principal'.

Subjective-Objective view is the basis of western thinking looses information in decision making. It should be corrected as 'observer and observable are the same one'.

Like or not, Quantum physics is following Buddhism, but it can never experiment Nibbana (free from existence).

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@MTR 2.0,
It is not fair to say 'Buddhism does not have formal logic in it' from a western view, because Buddhist logical (hetu-pratya) way of thinking is complete, compared to incomplete western thinking. This is why Buddhism is all about non-violent and targets at ultimate achievement, Nibbana (free from existence).…
Why do you think, wise people all around the world make attempts to study Buddhism (even with no respect to religious aspects)?

@Not sure,
[Nucleus] is an open thinker.

The answer to your concern is addressed in the question description. Use your wisdom to find it.

@Quantum Observer,
Always, separate the valuable 'core knowledge' behind any religion from their 'spell-binding religious aspects'.


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