Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beginning always follows an End?


Why any Beginning always follows an End?

Every born worldly being ends with death.

I know it is nature. why?

Additional Details

As per your justification, why is nature cyclic?

Why ends justify the meanings of all things, when means justify the ends?

I prefer if you could answer with logical conclusions to your own demands instead of win over dummies.
How can your claim for forgetting and lack of intelligence, support to negatively prove the existence of anyone?
It is absurd to conclude conventional 'next life' based on hypothesis of blind faith.
With respect, are you a 'dead man alive' to convince others as you say things with experience?
What if you unknowingly misinterpreted the scriptures written by others to satisfy your desires?
Rebirth/reincarnation in Hindu and Buddhist scriptures refer to a thought process, not conventional death and afterlife of a man.
Dear friend, my honest conclusion after analyzing your bulky comment is that a sharp mind would not buy your fantasy. I suggest you to research more with an open mind.

Conventional man does not seem to fit 'for every Head, there is a Tail' statement in your comment. lol

@Special EPhex,
Can you experience unthinkable, except freedom from thinking (nibbana)?…
If rebirth/reincarnation in Hindu and Buddhist scriptures refer to what is realized when a thought transcends to another thought, such inter-state realization should be a thought as well.

Interviews of 2,000 people to collect more than 3,300 accounts shall be acceptable as a conventional research method. But, politics in election voting, mass media influences and religious brain-washing has proved that mass opinions are not always correct and accurate. Near death experience and/or voice-cuts of living are not qualified to conclude after-death experience. Only a dead shall experience after death. Evidence of life after death in the said research are guess work, not precise.


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