Monday, March 18, 2013

scientists create new scientific theories


Do scientists create new scientific theories or discover theories from another creation?

If scientists say scientific theories are created, they accept 'creator concept'.

If scientists say scientific theories are discovered (within existence of another creation), they again accept 'creator concept'.

Biblical Religions also accept 'creator concept'.

Can scientific theory be exclusive to 'creator concept'?

If not, are scientists religious?

Additional Details

@MTR 2.0,
'creator concept' says that 'creator is a creation of a superior creator' referring to your argument 'then you are saying that god must have a creator also'.

Do not mix-up 'creator concept' with 'permanent creator concept (main program that references to all other sub-programs)'.

Both evolution and revolution are included in 'creator concept'…

Therefore, universe cannot exist (and evolve) without a creator.

Does science blindly believe that universe is one of those things that can exist without a creator?
Can your hypothesis be scientifically proven to make scientists distant from religions?

'divine command theory of ethics' or simply politics and administration of masses inherits 'creator concept'. Epistemology concerned with the nature accepts 'creator concept'.

So called Scientists blindly believe in existence to theorize and they do not scientifically prove it (existence).
If western definition of science is not a subject of religion, Vatican has not reason to invest on science research.…


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