Monday, March 18, 2013

How can scientific Theories not be myth?


How can scientific Theories not be myth when those scientists label religion as myth?

So called scientists in the west may not say that they are religious. (atheists, agnostics, personal God, etc)

But both those Religions (christian, Jewish, Islam Hindu, etc) and Scientific Theories are based on the same permanent creator God concept (name of the creator may differ).

Can any scientific theory exist without accepting the 'permanent creator God concept'?

If religion is seen as myth to the scientists, how can their scientific theories not be myth?

Additional Details

@Possum, @Dr Redthumb and @Graham Earle,
If Science requires proof, what are your evidence based systematic study of facts and observations for 'GRAVITY', 'TIME', etc?
Are they not faith and fairytale somebody made up?

If you say scientific theories are created, you accept 'creator concept' by someone.
If you say scientific theories are discovered (within existence), you again accept 'creator concept' by someone.

Can you test Gravity, without blindly believing Newton's Apple hypothesis or Einstein's space-time geometry hypothesis, etc in a religious manner?

@scruffy 14 year old,
How can you prove gravity by dropping something on floor, unless you blindly believe in what gravity is?
Can you senses (example: eyes, ears, etc) feel gravity like you see a picture or hear a sound?

@Pushpa Selvam,
"Scientists are Proving Their Belief" or simply proving their religion (studying what God created to be like God).


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