Sunday, March 24, 2013

believers imagine concepts like God or Allah


How do believers imagine concepts like God or Allah?

Can there be 'mental creations' other than 'abstract' and 'concrete' concepts, because objective-subjective thinking for God or Allah, heaven, unicorn, etc may loose information?

Additional Details

@The Voice of Reason,
Do you conceive 'consciousness' as a subject of creator, because the concept of 'consciousness' is a creation of mind? mind creates mind

@Amar Saleem,
In your comment, you stated "only way you can truly understand god ".
Why do YOU create mental limitations (bondage) to think under a single pyramid creation? (slavery attitude towards a master concept)
Free from any existence cannot have such limitations.

Let me rephrase the main question:
Is there possibility to think/conceptualize away from 'master-slave' and 'peer-to-peer' relationships, if observer and observed are not separate?


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