Monday, March 18, 2013

message of God without reading a fiction


Can Christians understand the pure message of God without reading a fiction on paper?

Only a fiction can be written on paper and/or spoken by mouth and/or think as thought, etc.
Interestingly, a fiction can be altered at will.

Bible is written on paper.

No religious Christians can prove with evidence beyond doubt that the message on Bible is straight from the God's mouth.

Therefore the message of Bible is a fiction.

Can Christians believe in God's pure message, without believing a fiction on paper?

Please do not use dreams and hypnotism as facts to answer, because they are fake.

Additional Details

Can you can hear the message, straight from God's mouth?

@Gerry Roush,
You refer to a fiction on paper. You can fly in a fictional story/movie.

I bill the Judge to each and every order like in a restaurant. Both judge and written court orders are fictional. Better learn law to know your rights.


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