Sunday, March 24, 2013

yahoo delete challenging question to science


Why did yahoo delete challenging question to science?

A copy of the question is as follows:…

I received following message from yahoo:

Hello Nucleus,
The question on Yahoo! Answers was reported and deleted by one or more trusted members of the Answers community:
"Can science sensibly prove the existence of Magnetic Force?"
This question has been removed and 10 points have been deducted from your account. You may not have realized this, but all questions submitted on Yahoo! Answers must comply with the Answers Community Guidelines.
If you believe that your questionwas wrongly deleted by the community and would like to appeal the deletion of your question, you can have your case reviewed by Answers Customer Care. You have 7 days to submit your appeal. Please be aware that if your appeal is rejected, an additional 10 points will be removed from your account.
Appeal this decision:…
Yahoo! Answers Team

My reply to Yahoo:

Hello dumb Yahoo Answers Team,
How do you expect me to 'Appeal your decision' when I did not receive a complaint?
1. What are the precise reasons for deleting "Can science sensibly prove the existence of Magnetic Force?" question (what exact guidance/acts are breached?).
2. Who complained it?
3. What was the intention for complaining?
This is not the first time I made you aware of your dumb deletion-appealing system.
It is reasonable for intelligence to reject absurdity of such decisions and follow-up.

The deletion procedure should not be cheating.

    Additional Details

    Who did the coward act to report such an intellectually challenging question?

    @MTR 2.0,
    This question is philosophical and in correct category. 'offended some one' is a pseudo reasoning.
    When I ask a question, others can answer. Why should I prove anything?
    Were you the offender to report ?

    @Professor Freedom,
    I ask a question the way I like it and is open for others to answer. If some people are easily offended, it is their sensitive problem, not mine, because I have no intentions to offend anyone.
    I completely reject the absurdity of deletion system, and not worried about the contests of my question.

    So far Yahoo deleted many of my questions, and still I do not know the exact reasons.……
    and more..
    If no accurate complaint, expecting to appeal is a joke.

    @Houston, we have a problem,
    I cannot agree with your assumption.

    I suggest any researcher to skim through other yahoo questions and answers to evaluate the consistency of decision making in deleting.

    If your guys see me as a threat, and always get offended, I will not post any more questions with yahoo, and will find elsewhere, to continue my intellectual research.


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