Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to sense an Apple?


How to sense an Apple?

I say that it is not possible to sense an apple.

Eyes can sense color and shape, but not the apple.
Nose can sense fragrance, but not the apple.
Tongue can sense taste, but not the apple.
skin can sense smoothness and softness, but not the apple.

Senses can sense attributes of the apple, but not the apple.

Therefore, we learn an apple by creating a mental picture and then matching it's attributes with the sensed attributes.

Simply, apple cannot be sensed, but always created in mind.

By large, the so called 'outside world' is created in mind, and not sensed.

Do you agree?

Additional Details

@MTR 2.0,
Senses are needed to sense attributes, not the object.
Creation and Recognition are the works of mind.
If you think an apple can be sensed, then which of your sense organ(s) can sense an apple?

@The Architect,
This is simple Buddhism aged around 2600 years. George Berkeley (1685–1753) should have studied Buddhist scriptures before proposing it as a philosophy to get the credit.

See how Shakespeare was so profoundly influenced by Buddhism in all his writings in the same Baconian era.…

Do you always use all your sense organs to recognize an apple?
Apple is a creation of mind, as well as sense organs are creations of mind.
Mind creates mind. It's all mind.

Sense (Vedana) is mind.…
Perception (Sanna) recognizes the apple, and is also mind.


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