Sunday, March 24, 2013

Buddhism guide Quantum physics


Can Buddhism guide Quantum physics and prove to correct the fundamental error in Western Thinking?

Refer to:

1. Why A=not A if A=A as per Asian Logic? (Intro to Chathuskotika logic associated with Buddhism)…

2. Why conventional logic always ignore the existence of weak logical states? ('thought-object' analysis)…

3. Why does western thinking fundamentally fail to observe the living existence?
(cyclic inter-dependency of two 'thought-objects')…

Additional Details

@Blaise Rascal,
For example, the term 'mother' in western thinking is not similar to 'mother=amma' in Asian thinking. It is a totally different concept. In Asia, mother calls to her baby as 'amma' for love. It is not possible to distinct cultures and their fundamental thinking sources with a closed mind. The way to see as it is, is to intelligently remove the colored glasses.

Get an introduction of the main root sources of 'western thinking'…

I can see west imported the copies of it, not the original.

Why do you think, 'divide by zero' is an error for western thinking, against the advice of sources of mathematical zero?

Western thinking is built on confusion and CANNOT see as it is.
Simply, western thinking cannot grasp Nibbana (free from existence). I researched it.


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