Sunday, March 24, 2013

non-existence cannot be referenced with existing logic


Why non-existence cannot be referenced with existing logic?

Definition of 'non-existence' exists and in not non-existence.

For example;

If 0 (zero) is infinitesimal existence,
then 5+0 = 5

If 0 is non-existence,
then 5 + 0 = 0

Whatever existence you throw into non-existence cannot exist.

Free from existence (nibbana) cannot be referenced by worldly existence!.

Creator based western thinking cannot grasp 'nibbana' in Buddhism.…

Can you logically reference non-existence?

Additional Details

You cannot think non-existence, but can experience it.

For example:

(imagine x-y Cartesian diagram)…

Let dimension-x is exclusive to dimension-y.
Then dimension-x does not exist (non-existent) within dimension-y.

@come closer, smell this !,
Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


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