Sunday, March 24, 2013

science sensibly prove the existence of Magnetic Force


Can science sensibly prove the existence of Magnetic Force?

When experimenting with iron filings and magnets, we can observe the pattern of iron filings to assume magnetic force.…

"A magnetic field is a mathematical description of the magnetic influence of electric currents and magnetic materials."…

Therefore, 'magnetic field' concept is a fictionally created story, used to explain the aforesaid observations. We can create many alternative fictional stories to justify observations.

Since 'magnetic field' cannot be observed by senses (not empirical evidence), how scientifically stable is 'magnetic field' concept?

Scientific evidence is expected to be empirical evidence (sense experience) and in accordance with scientific method.…

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The underlying question is, how scientific is science when creationism in involved?

@Dr Redthumb,
How scientific is inference/relation of 'magnetic field' from/to the observations of iron filings, in the first place? Also, Science as a 'subject' taught at school, seems to reference a superior existence.

@D g,
Good luck, if you can see magnetic fields. Do you use a microscope to see them?
3 hours ago
You stated: Creativity (NOT "creationism") is actually involved in science.
'Magnetic Force lines' are creativity, the blind belief in science. Confirmed!

Scientific method is to conclude if (observations=hypothesis) condition is true or false. It cannot create new knowledge.
(interpretations of observations=hypothesis) is abuse of scientific method, because interpretation is not equal to observation and interpretation always creates new knowledge. (unscientific method)

@Chris Pitchr,
approximation invalidates scientific method.
(if observation=0.9999.. and conclusion=1.0, then the experiment abuses scientific method)

quantum mechanics, particle physics, relativity, etc are man created stories. no difference to creating the concept of God who creates everything.

@Tim S,
If non-testable belief is a precondition of science, how scientific is science, irrespective of prejudice?


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