Sunday, March 10, 2013

Haram to Muslims - Halal to non-violence


Why pork oil injected Animals are Haram to Muslims and Halal to non-violence Hindus, Buddhists?

Intelligent people are non-violent and think beyond primate instincts to seek peace and harmony with environment.
Buddhists and some Hindu sects care for animals with empathy, specially the cow who gives milk.

They get hurt when Muslims in neighborhood do not respect their non-violence value system.
Unsolved conflict of interest! ???

Interestingly, Muslims are allergic/haram to swine/pork/pig ingredients containing products like Gelatin, medicine, powder milk, soap, cosmetics, etc.

Considering the common factors of both Muslim haram and non-violence value system,

if all cows are injected with swine (pig) oil and announced as haram to Muslims,
where the offsprings (future generations) of those cows will inherit pork genes,

then, the said conflict of interest problem would easily get solved.

See this picture: (Cow kneels and begs for his/her right to live)…

The proposed solution is practical than protesting to the thin air.…

Additional Details

Concern here is tactical non violence.
Food is not an insult to Hindus, but killing a cow is. Killing is heart breaking and unacceptable for human values.
Reference to genetic makeup, even the highly diluted substances are effective (as energy) in homeopathy. Therefore, injecting "pig oil" has considerable effect to spare the lives of animals.

"Every community has peaceful and violent members" is a crooked justification to promote violence and not an intelligent premise to justify violence towards all living beings.

Does you attitude for prosperity kill your neighbor or be friendly with mutual respect?
We live a short time. So, why such greed to kill animals and pollute environment to make a living (the loosing battle of life)?

So do human and pigs provide a good source of Protein, to extend your argument.
Is human flesh specifically mentioned as haram for Muslims?


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