Monday, March 18, 2013

creator concept differ from Maha-Brahma in Buddhism?


How does creator concept in Christian, Islam, Jewish, Hindu, etc religions differ from Maha-Brahma in Buddhism?

Refer to Buddhist Cosmology to find the location of Maha Brahma.……

"14 - Great Brahmas (Maha brahma) One of this realm's most famous inhabitants is the Great Brahma, a deity whose delusion leads him to regard himself as the all-powerful, all-seeing creator of the Universe."

Nibbana (free from existence) in Buddhism is superior to entire Buddhist Cosmology (existence).
Existence of 'Buddhist religion' is far inferior to Nibbana in Buddhism.
Therefore, this question does not narrowly compare religions.

The emphasis here is 'existence of permanent creator' concept referring to 'Maha Brahma' in Buddhist Cosmology (existence).

Additional Details

The question expects different opinions, because 'creator concept' can be applied differently.
Please don't be flat on analysis.


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