Sunday, March 10, 2013

brainy religious people kill and or harm intelligent animals


Why do brainy religious people kill and/or harm intelligent animals?

Look at this cute baby elephant:…

Now, look at this innocent cow for showing gratitude for saving it's life.…

My Cat also bows and greets me like dogs do. It wags tail when happy, in contrast to other cats.

I notice that my cat always watch the behaviors of dogs in the road by crawling under the gate.

It is amazing to find the level of intelligence and logical thinking of animals, if we have time to observe them with empathy and with open minds.

Additional Details

This question extends the earlier question:…

@Devoted to Truth,
Why don't you sacrifice the single you to find a cure for cancer, AIDS, etc.?

To fictional creationism and selfishness, it is easy to put human state above animal state. Even human is considered as resource (HR) to handle like any other material.
But in nature, all living beings are born equal, have equal rights to live and die equal in the broadest sense. Narrow mindedness is primitive thinking, any fool can do.

If a fictional system breaches the laws of nature, it is condemned as an unlawful system. A true lawyer can swipe off the bases of these fictional corporations, since they violate nature, including direct and/or indirect influences to offend the unalienable rights of animals. Their justification of food is not valid, since they take lives of animals using unreasonable forces by ignoring the obvious alternatives. The superior power to effectively surrender and judge them is wisdom, not nukes or any other material weapons.

I disagree to your narrowed opinion. Animals have ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute. That fulfills the definition of 'literacy' by UNESCO. Sometimes animals read the nature far ahead and accurately, compared to man and his state of the art technology. It is your inability that fails you to appreciate animal intelligence in their own merits.

Read my comment to [WannaHelp] regarding fictional stories on paper.

You are yet to learn the nature, and to find out where the dumb foolishness lies.

It is not the God's wish that humans shall rule over animals.…


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