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What is the meaning of Samadhi in Buddhism?
 Popular English translations are:
Samâdhi = Deep concentration: the state of one pointedness of mind; contemplation; absorption, bliss; To attain, ecstasy; Mental unification
con or com (prefix) = with, jointly, completely
contr (prefix) = against, opposite
centration = towards center
concentration = completely towards center
The pali terms:
Sama = even; equal; level; similar
dhi = Fie! shame! woe!
dhiti = energy; courage
samā+dhiti= equal energy
sama+dhārana = equal support or sustenance
sam + ā + dhā
sam = same
ā = up to, from; towards
samā = in the same way
sam = no intensity (contrary to 'abhi');
sam = near by, together (opposed to 'para')
dhā = Destroying
sam + ā + dhā = Destroy in same way

We find this term in many places in Buddhist scriptures:
1. sammā/micchā-samādhi = as the last link of the 8-fold Path (magga)
2. samādhi-sambojjhanga = one of the 7 factors of enlightenment (bojjhanga)
3. Samadhi Bala = one of the 5 spiritual faculties and powers (bala)
4. parikamma-samādhi, upacāra-samādhi, appanā-samādhi = grades of intensity

5. Sīla Samādhi Paññā = the 3-fold division of the 8-fold Path (sikkhā, magga)
6. Thiti-bhāgiya-samādhi ('standstill'), visesa-bhāgiya-samādhi ('progress'), nibbedha-bhāgiya-samādhi ('penetration') - connected with decline ('hāna'/hāni')
7. Dhyana-Samadhi-Paramita = one of the 6 Paramitas (perfections) in Mahayana
8. Samadhi Sutta in Khandha,Salayatana,Vedana,Devata-samyutt…
9. Samadhi Samyutta (Another name for the Jhana Samyutta)
10. Samadhi Vagga (first chapter of the Sacca Samyutta)

11.Samādhi Parikkhāra= one of 4 foundations of mindfulness (satipatthāna).
12. No Strife Samadhi = in Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra
13. Samādhi Samāpatti, sunyatasamadhi, vajropamasamadhi = in abhidharmakosa
14. Samādhi Vipphārā Iddhi = one of the 6 kinds of higher spiritual powers abhiññā
15. Samadhi-Bhavana Sutta = Anguttara Nikaya 4.41

Samādhi is supermundane (lokuttara), if objective is Nibbāna.
Samādhi is mundane (lokiya), if objective is merely sublimest absorption

4 stages of samadhi in Hindu mysticism:
Savikalpa samadhi, nirvikalpa samadhi, sahaj samadhi, soruba samadhi

"The ultimate goal is to enter the state of samadhi which is when the distinction between the object and the meditator disappears, which is the realization of non dualism."

Seems to have different ways of looking at Samadi.

What is the correct meaning of Samadhi in Buddhism?
How is it derived from Pali or Sanskrit languages?




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