Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nirvana Oriented


Is Nirvana in Buddhism all in one or object oriented?


Life after death of a man or woman is based only on assumptions.
Therefore, application of nirvana for ending birth after death is just imagination.

Is it practical to have complete Nirvana (nibbāna) for all Dukkha/suffering (as attachment to thoughts) ?


can their be many Nirvanas as cessation of attachment to individual ideas (cause of Dukkha)?

@ROFLcopter, Try to investigate things, sight beyond sight.
What possibilities could picking a someone's childhood toy suggest? Experienced by countless people is just generalizing and you don't know that for sure.
It's better listen to what Dalai Lama exactly says, not what you want to hear. His words has different meanings (like legal definitions) than in plain language.
 @ROFLcopter, There are ways & means for big-shots and spell-binders to deceive the followers for their survival.
Why would monks lie? They do it in all aspects. You need to get out of their spell to read them.
Monks assume as agents of Buddhism and call themselves as Sangha ( = grouping/assemblage of ideas/dhamma) is the biggest lie. (There is no owner for Buddhism, free to study)
Findout why Buddhist temples are so materially rich (property managers), while surrounding majority of followers are poor?
Do not be deceived by the 'vow of poverty'. It is just for presentation only.
What is said is not always what is done!


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