Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Failed Buddhist Practice


Why current Buddhist practice is a total failure to achieve its main goal?


 Take the practical analogy of a newly wedded couple.

What is their main goal? Children (continue generation) or have fun

'Everyday fuc-king, but no children'

This is what happened to Buddhists who practice (so hard) everyday.

Do they know and aim at the ultimate/main goal?
Are they not fertile to achieve it?
Why total failure to achieve it?

Something is wrong & what would that be?

@Jim, Does Satan remove suffering?

@S, Buddhism is for the wise, not for state of child.
Pointing at the truth makes the proud imposter feel belittle.
You find it uncomfortable?

Any blind faith is doomed. Do you know how to overstand God, in-order to not have blind faith? That is the path to God. (God of God)
Bad Debt Account (Jesus) was just a recovery of God's doomed creation (cure for punishment).
"No one comes to the Father except through me" applies for all condemned accounts, and is the default state in practice.
Buddhism is about not having such punishment. (rebellion who shake-hands with God)

@John the Buddhist,-Lotus fan 卐卐,
When did Buddha predict Buddhist dark ages? False mundane interpretation!
Do you know the term 'Kalpa' refers to idea or thought, like in 'Kalpana'?
Super-humanism is a misinterpretation about Buddhism. It is fantasy where monks fly.



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