Thursday, November 15, 2012

beat "The System"

How do you beat "The System"?;_ylt=AkAe8VUoLxrREfsRwp4gojMhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20120924015226AAjan6b

A victim of the system asked for help. He was jailed and was helpless.
("Was this the right thing to do for the cops?! You decide and help me?";_ylt=AlgplUSP8YBKGUyNljp9iP9JBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20070601034240AAldWYE)

This was my answer to his problem:

In truth, I see you as sheep in their farm. They harvest your wool, and taste you meat. Is that the helpless feeling you have now? It is perfectly justice, because the society is designed so.

You are just one of many prey, who have stepped into the muddy waters without knowing the unclear dangers.

Let me first set aside your dispute with the random guy who sexually harassed your ex. You can deal with it later.

Second I will tell you, how to get out of the bond, avoiding punishment.
"Do Sovereign People Plea Guilty Not Guilty or No Contest to accept their Code?"

Third, I will tell you, how to judge and punish, who judged you.
"My Sovereign Court - FreeMan vs British Judiciary of The Crown Corporation - Magna Case"

Check the above videos, and other videos in those youtube channels.

If you are wise, you will grasp the concepts. There is all the knowledge you need. Make sure you do your homework.

1. Do not understand (stand under) their code to give them jurisdiction over you.

2. Remember the person (with birth certificate) you act upon, is owned by them. So, remove the coat (you are wearing their coat) when necessary.

3. Prepare a Bill for every Order they make.

4. Open your sovereign (exercise your rights of: Legislature, Executive & Judiciary ) court, superseding their judgements. You can get jurisdiction over them easily. But, master already has jurisdiction over his slaves. (master-slave relationship)

5. Make sure you (the living, breathing people) is the master, where the officers (defined on dead paper) are slaves. People only assume those positions, acting the roles.

So, show who the boss is.

6. Never be violent to be punished or to invite war. Corporations are powerful than an individual. So, don't let them use justifiable reasonable force against you. Exploit your strength as the master, and hide your weakness (with physical force). Control your feelings for your advantage.

7. Remember, attorneys are not lawyers and their boss is the Judge (you are just a patient to them)

Know the game, before you play the game!

Good Luck


So, how else do you suggest to beat the "The System"?

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