Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mind causes Everything



What does this Buddha quote mean?

 "The mind is everything. What you think, you become." I love this quote in the way I interpret it, but what is its true meaning? Also, is it a real Buddha quote?


The mind causes everything meaning everything is fictional.
Fiction is alterable. Therefore, what you think can change what you become.

Mano Pubbangama Dhamma
Mano Setta Manomaya
Manasace Pasannena/padutthena
Bhasativa Karotiva

Mind precedes ideas,
Mind causes mind.
If such a mind is clear / corrupt,
results in one's speech and act.

(Therefore, to change the speech and act as result, better change mind as cause = cause & effect)


Mano = mind
Pubbaṅgama = going at the head; preceding
Dhamma = idea (The mind deals with ideas as the eye deals with forms)
Seṭṭha = foremost; superiority; causes
Manomaya = mind made
Manasa ce = such a mind
ce = if
Pasanna = clear; purified
paduṭṭha = corrupt; offended
Bhasati= say, speak
karotiva = to do, to act, to perform

Note: all religions (god concepts) are ideas in mind and can put on paper meaning fictional.
Even God's words are fictional & when you read and/or remember it, it is fictional (a fictional story).

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