Friday, November 23, 2012

Investigate Buddhism


How to investigate, research and process (Ehi Passiko) Buddhism?
Ehispassiko is to challenge Buddhism in order to learn, instead of blind acceptance and memorizing.

Kalama Sutta states, do not believe because:
01. Ma anussavena [it has been retold for a long time (history)]
02. Ma paramparaya [it has become a traditional practice (through many generations)]
03. Ma itikiraya [it is well-known everywhere (media news)]
04. Ma Pitakasampadanena [it is cited in a text]
05. Ma takkahetu [solely on the grounds of logical reasoning]
06. Ma nayahetu [it accords with your Philosophical dogmatism (reasoning the method)]
07. Ma akaraparivitakkena [it appeals to "common sense"]
08. Ma ditthinijjhanakkhantiya [just because you like the idea (One's own opinions)]
09. Ma bhabbarupataya [because the speaker (expert) seems trustworthy]
10. Ma samano no garu ti [what your teacher tells you]

There are:
42,000 Dhamma skandas (idea units) in Sutta Pitaka
21,000 Dhamma skandas (idea units) in Vinaya Pitaka
21,000 Dhamma skandas (idea units) in Abhidhamma Pitaka
84,000 Dhamma skandas (idea units) in Tipitaka

I observe that Buddhist monks who passed 'Paditha' exam are good at memorizing Dhamma scriptures, but very poor at processing those information, in turn they misinterpret Buddhism to repeat the old traditional and conflicting story.

How to investigate, research and process Dhamma in Buddhism? (specially at Vidarshana Meditation)


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