Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Four Noble Truths


What steps are missing in 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism as a Management process?


 'The Four Noble Truths'/ Chathurarya sathya / ariya-sacca

Terms 'Truth', 'sadhu' simply means 'acceptable'.

1. paramattha-sacca: true in the highest (or ultimate) sense

2. vohāra-sacca: conventional truth (interpretations of Buddhist monks);
also means,
sammuti-sacca: commonly accepted truth

These 2 truths are implied as:
1. nītattha: explicit (or direct) meaning
2. neyyattha: implicit meaning (to be inferred)

Four Noble Truths are part of the core in Buddhism, and seems to have a direct meaning.

Now, the 4 Noble Truths 'management process' to find a solution to suffering:

1. truth of suffering (dukkha)
(identify problem = the gap or distance between current and expected)

Current: 'assumed/acting self' changes, compare to 'defined self'
Expected: 'assumed self' doesn't change, compared to 'defined self'
Gap: unexpected change in 'assumed self' (impermanence of 'assumed self' is uncontrollable)

Therefore, solution focused at manageable 'defined self'.

2. origin of suffering, which is craving (thanhā) to assumed self through (linked via) defined self
(cause of the problem)
cause: clinging to defined self
Note: 'chair' is a defined self and it's a subset of self 'I'

3. extinction of suffering (solution)
extinction of craving (cause) necessarily results in extinction (nirodha) of rebirth and suffering (effect)

To solve a problem, remove its causes (cause & effect)
Solution: Giveup clinging to defined self by removing the definition of self

4. Eightfold Path leading to extinction of suffering
The mission/method (with goals, strategies) as solution
The goals are kama-loka, rupa-loka, arupa-loka (31 Planes of Existence) & ultimate Nirvana

What is missing in this management process?

How to monitor and control this process?

Please I expect direct answers to the question only.

Please answer the question. Sorry, do not welcome personal advice.
Nucleus is not a member of any Buddhist society to follow their strict rules.
@Fake Genius,
Four noble truths are the method of running the business within the Buddhist fiction (Dhamma=idea).
Solving cause of a problem is not limited to Buddhism.

How does Sovan, Sakurdagami, Anagami and Arhath goals fit in?

Most importantly, how are those goals relate (derived from) mission (Eightfold Path or Magga) in Buddhist Business/Project or whatever you call it?

What are the strategies to achieve each goal?



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