Thursday, November 15, 2012

Monks prioritize Donations


Why Buddhist monks prioritize Donations and not Dhamma discussions?;_ylt=At.5r3QLMH3S86VV5a.pgG8hBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121108014759AAW1uLg

 When you visit a temple and talk to Buddhist monks, the priority is given for financial and material donations (for example, to color wash temple walls, sponsorship to go abroad), instead of discussing core Dhamma.

I also notice that most Buddhist monks are not competitive to discuss tipitaka (Abhidhamma), the main script of Buddhism, though they memorize some pali gathas for display.

Buddhist monks get free meals, free homing, free education, no taxes, property for temples, government promotions, and do jobs, etc. Why seek for more luxuries?

Why do Buddhist monks always prioritize material Donations instead of focus on Dhamma discussions?
Do Buddhist monks go astray?

Additional Details

  • Get some idea. There are many incidents that are not on internet.
  •  Authorities are careful to publish what they want others to hear. (like Pope take oath of poverty & Vatican has over 50% shares of Shell Gas). How come temples get so rich?

  •  This query is not criticizing the actions of 'Novice monks' as easy targets.
  • There are ways things should be done, but how it is practically done is questionable
  • Monks with status of 'Pandith' are mere memorizes of Tipitaka. (blind believers) 
  • They have no processing ability to cross-check 84,000 dhamma skanda. 
  • Simply, Sassatavada hypocrites, interpreting Bodhisatva as a series of past lives of a man. 

  • Right Speech of a Buddhist is not true hide/distort true facts.

  • "They are not allowed to work outside of the temple for wages...ALL they do must be a gift."
  • Then, why are MP monks, teacher monks, astrologer monks (go through news paper adverts in SL)? How much do they earn?

  • Buddhist monks interpret Dhamma for their advantage. (eg:Give everything to the temple)

  • No need to surrender & worship agents(monks) to study and get to know Buddhist Damma.
  • Sangha is not Buddhist monks, but groupings of Dhamma. It is a fictional society.
  • Tipitaka always addresses to 'shra+mana' meaning your 'mind flux', not monks.

  • No need to kill someone to judge about killing. Likewise, no need to be a monk to ask the aforesaid question.

  •  Dhamma discussions are absolutely not useless. Do not ignore communication by comparison.

  • All fictional societies are surrendered to good human judgement.
  • Next time, suggest the monks to worship your human Buddhi (wisdom), instead of prostrate at fictional monk(person in robes).

  • Note: Guys & Gals, this question is about practicality, not fantasy!


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