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What exist between Arupa Loka & Nivana?;_ylt=AkLT0L_n.y1BIZkWUO561vIhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121108040551AAoZxhz

Refer to 31 Planes of Existence

Development towards Nirvana is as follows:
1. Sensuous World (kama-loka)
2. Fine-Material World (rupa-loka)
3. Immaterial World (arupa-loka)

The final status at Arupa loka is:
(31) Neither-perception-nor-non-perception (nevasaññanasaññayatanupaga deva)
It is not Nirvana.

So, what exists between Arupa Loka & Nirvana?
(If Arupa Loka is not Nirvana, there should be something in the gap between them.)
Any ideas from Tipitaka?


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