Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Buddhism-Meat Eating


Does Buddhism encourage eating meat as with Islamic Halal?;_ylt=Ap1.JrX3xxC19No1UH._dgYhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121111120321AAsTwG3

We need clarifications for the record.

Halal of Islam seems to give license to kill animals & eat meat (mass scale & all over the world).
Need reference from Qur'an and correct interpretation.
Does Buddhism encourage the same or similar?

"Killing animals for consumption is wrong. But eating meat per se is not prohibited for his disciples under certain conditions. ‘Thrice cleaned’ meat (thrikotika paarishudhdha maansha) is accepted. This is like making Halal food. A meat is ‘thrice cleaned’ if a monk has not (a) seen, (b) heard or (c) do not suspect the animal specially killed for his consumption. This applies only for monks."

If you are not the (direct or indirect) reason for killing an animal, is it ok to it eat that meat? Does that consumption encourage (make demand) more killing (supply)? If yes, it contradicts with non-violence in Buddhism.

Quote the exact pali text for "thrikotika paarishudhdha maansha" in Jeewaka Sutta & the correct interpretation.

Why did Buddha refute Devadatta proposal that, "monks must refrain from eating fish or meat throughout their lives"? Need Pali Quote as reference and correct interpretation.

This is a fair challenge for whoever interested in Buddhism and/or animal rights. Try to address the entire question in your answer.



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