Saturday, September 29, 2012

Incomplete Atheists?

Can atheists feel complete? Is it an ego thing?

stand under (understand)
Theists try to stand under (understand) everything, which God created.

It is practically not possible.

Therefore, theists are designed to feel incomplete.
Atheists reject 'God created everything' thesis.
There is nothing to understand (stand under).

Therefore, a true atheist would always feel complete and/or empty.

Is it an ego thing? No. There is no scale to measure.

Suppose Mr.X is a member of a religious society:

Mr.X says: "I am NOT here to judge others". Can it be true?

Mr.X stands under a code (constitution of the society).

That code is a rule to judge others (comparing to Mr.X's values), in order to find out, whether they qualify or disqualify by the rule.

Therefore, Mr.X is designed to judge others.

Suppose Mr.Y is a free thinker (non-theist):

Q:. Mr.Y, are you a member of a religious society?

A:."I am a people, who is free to subscribe and/or to unsubscribe to one or many societies, and who can be happy without associating to any.

   I always have the freedom to study the values of any society, and to learn them from a broader perspective"

Member of a religious society, is designed to have conflicts of interests, when trying to appreciate others.

Therefore, disputes are inevitable.

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