Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Memorize Science as History

Most students memorize science as history, but few experiment history using scientific methods. Why?

Too Smart to Handle
Education system encourages you to memorize historical work (including science and maths) to pass in the exams.

No honest encouragement to widen the boundaries, see out-of-the-box or invent alternative systems.

Judgments from the know everything bosses, is based on a projection of the work relative to what they already know, where all attributes of a new dimension does not necessarily represent in it's projection.
(Example: Can you see a complete high rise building through it's shadow?)

Even so called 'research' are institutionalized and restricted within everything known. (always need references and no value or recognition for thinking)

Why such ignorance is promoted throughout the education system (universities, collages, etc)?

"Do not be too smart, you're not paid for thinking" Is that the slogan?

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