Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fair Game

What is "Fair Game" 

for a "+ Spirited Game"?

For me, Fair Game is not just narrowed to "sticking to the rules at level-0".
The scope may broaden to "play by the rules in a sophisticated level"

The "spirit of a game" stays when,
  1. Winner try to win without drawing
  2. Looser try to draw without loosing

Otherwise, it would be a "negative game". Do you agree?

If so, competitive advantage is a must for a player, at least for survival. He should be inventive to exploit the rules by bending them. (change order, mix, or formulate to derive or induce new rules)

For example, law of the nature (gravity) is that water flows from higher grounds to lower grounds. But, technology has suggested otherwise (using water pump), with the advancement of civilization.

One of my childhood bed-time stories told "A farmer gave melons to Sutin & Martin. Sutin ate them and slept. But Martin ate the fruit and used it's seeds to harvest more melons". The moral of the story is, not be lazy to be inventive to use the laws in hand, to develop alternative systems.

Also, in 1505 B.C., when Portuguese received asylum in Ceylon (after ship wreck), with permission to make a tent within an area of cattle skin. They made threads out of that skin and extended the area to acres of land. (Is that cunning or intelligence? arguable for where you stand)

I think, it is not cheating, or breaking the laws, because all recreations are within and using the laws of the system. The system is designed so, inheriting all possibilities of the variables, though the creator may not have initially noticed or intended at the point of his creation. Creator's objectives does not necessarily mean 'fair game'.

Man's fair game with nature have resulted with Televisions, Internet, Laptops, Houses, etc.

Not to mention destructive weapons or suicides. (because, is it 'fair game' by large, when destroying the game?) Or, is there a different superseding fair game?

Therefore, the fair deal of a fair game from a spirited form is, where Predators catch Prey to eat as privilege, and the Prey run away to hide from Predators as to escape punishment.

The Strong will survive in "Fair Game"

That is my situational view. I might update with better information.

What do you think (pros & cons)? Can you suggest a greater view for 'Fair Game'?
May be we can initiate a fruitful discussion.

Additional Details

Suppose, I give balloons to a group of people. The game rule says, the one who survives (without exploding the balloon, wins).

  1. The group can divide into teams and attack opposition and defend alliance/team members. 
  2. Each individual can try to protect his/her own, while attacking on others' balloons 
  3. All can mutually agree that no individual attacks others (win-win)

So, is (option 3) a Fair Game, though it is not a spirited (exciting) game?
Do you want to play or watch such a game?
How about your life game?

I like to hear a comprehensive answer from you. Thank you in advance.

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