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Finity, Infinity, Afinity and Unfinity


Unfinity, Unfinitesimal and Afinity are new terms and new concepts to mathematical and philosophical communities, but relevant in a number of fields, as with finite, infinity and infinitesimal. These new concepts give insight to multiverse ideas.

The terms 'Unfinity' and 'Unfinitesimal' were first discussed in Prof. Lakshan Bandara's book "Through the Eyes of God of Gods - Unfinity and Unfinitesimal" [1]. The book further discusses in depth, what exists in 'unfinity' & 'unfinitesimal'.

This ancient knowledge of mathematics reach back into the time of Emperor Ravana in Sri Lankan history, even having a recognizable history for other disciplines such as medicine and astronomy. Georg Cantor introduced similar concept with transfinite numbers and different forms of "infinities" (aleph) in his set theory.

Metaphor Used:

Within each centimeter, a universe of millimeters exist. (from 0cm-1cm, from 1cm-2cm, ...)

Suppose 2cm-3cm as millimeter universe-C, where:
   Nothing (0mm) is on 2cm ; Everything (10mm) is on 3cm.

Suppose 3cm-4cm also as millimeter universe-D, where in a serial multiverse,:
  Everything (10mm) of universe-C is same as or overlaps Nothing (0mm) of universe-D.


U=Universe ; N=Nothing=0 ; E=Everything ;
W=Research Scope (world) ; L=Lower Boundary ; H=Higher Boundary

U= { N,1,2,3,...............,E-1,E }
W= {L,......,H}

Finity (Finite)
Finity is within system research scope (both higher and lower system boundaries)

L>N & H<E ;

Infinity is anything beyond the research scope (system higher boundary) and less than everything (the whole).
Note: Infinity always exists withing Everything (completeness/wholeness)
L>N & H<E ;

Infinitesimal is anything beyond the research scope (system lower boundary) and more than nothing (empty).
L>N & H<E ;

If everything (the whole) is within the defined research scope (system higher boundary), what exist beyond the said scope is called unfinity.
Simply, what exists beyond Everything (complete/whole) is called unfinity
God, the Creator exists beyond Everything (because, if God created Everything, then God cannot be withing Everything.)
L>N & H>E ;

If nothing (the empty) is within the defined research scope (system lower boundary), what exist beyond the said scope is called unfinitesimal.
L<N & H<E ;

Afinity (Affinity)
When research scope is defined between two or more universes, what exists within system research scope is called afinity.
L>Universe-A & H>Universe-B
L<=X<=H; X on Universe-P

A Universe ranges from nothing to everything.

Research Scope
Research Scope (boundary) is defined within (between) everything (the whole) and nothing (empty).
Nothing is Everything & Everything is Nothing (in different scales)

If research scope lower boundary overlaps nothing & higher boundary overlaps everything, there is no research.(enlightened)

If research scope lower boundary & higher boundary overlap nothing & everything, there is no research.(ignorant)

Example to demonstrate Finite, Infinity & Unfinity

Everything scope = range from 1 to 100
System scope = range from 1 to 50

Anything from 1 to 50 is Finite.
Anything from 51 to 100 is Infinity.
What exists beyond 1 to 100 in Unfinity (like 101, 500)


[1]. " Through the Eyes of God of Gods - Unfinity and Unfinitesimal Bandara, Lakshan (2010). Professor. Sri Lanka: Sarasavi Publishers.

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