Saturday, September 29, 2012

Limbo Acc. & Purgatory Acc.

If you inquire about Limbo & Purgatory, many would answer by referring to Bibles as row data. Let me process them for valuable/digestible information:

 Time to time bible changes (Evolution of the creator Bible), along with the world order.

Whether or not the Catholic (universal) church close the Limbo and Purgatory accounts as a strategy, the theology remains.

Clearly shows the signs when Pope intended to baptize (make an account) aliens (persons outside to the legal system).

For example, a Russian is considered an alien under the U.S. Constitution.

Both these Limbo and Purgatory refer to the closing stage of (general) accounts, who have not being officially recorded (baptized). Before closing, the accounts are balanced, and if in debt (sins), it has to be paid;

After-death purification (transitional condition) from non-members to members. Trial of the dead.

General accounts in the sense, where the name not specifically registered to open an account under that name.

For example, Purchase account, Sales account instead of Barack Obama's account.

(Even symbolic Jesus is considered an introductory BAD-DEBT account to absorb the sins of others to declare them bankrupt, at the point of balancing the books)

Limbo-Crawl Under the Rule in to the Systen

Limbo refers to: closure of personal accounts who made transactions, but in the state of child (not qualified for full membership to open an account under their name); unbaptized infants

Purgatory refers to: closure of personal accounts who made transactions, before the accounting system started.; righteous who died before the coming of Christ

It is interesting and funny to note, how religious institutions make their business to give judgement of floating votes assuming they are 'potentially submitted personal accounts' to their system.

Is it some sort of a phobia to to think that the dead are potential member in our society, in order to judge them and demand payment for their debt/sins?

It is also inhuman for these fictional constitutes, including the likes of Insurance companies to make a living out of the grave yard.

The living People care for their feelings.

No good humor to consider both living and the dead as resources (human resources) to manage.

My wish to you, the people:

Learn to see sight beyond sight (to debunk the spell-binders) and be human to know your inalienable and unalienable people rights.

Otherwise, the slave system can takeover the living master, like in iRobots movie. Be wise!

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