Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mundane and Super-mundane


The divisions/categorizations of worlds, universes,etc are defined for study purpose.

World (ලෝකය)

World is a system (පද්ධතිය)

A universe (විශ්වය) can have one or many worlds(ලෝක)

Uni-Verse or a verse (පදය, කව/කවිය, ශ්ලෝකය) is the basic unite of language (භාෂාව, අදහස් දැක්වීමේ ක්‍රමය), where language is the method of communication

Many universes is called multiverse or mandala (මණ්ඩලය).

Shiva (ශිව) can have many universes

Uni(වි)+verse(ශ්වය) means infinitesimal (අත්‍යණුක, අල්පිෂ්ඨ, ඉතා කුඩා වූ) unit of Shiva.

SHIVA/SHV(ශ්ව)/SVA (ස්ව) means myself
(self-0 from self-1 view), where a self (definition) consist of a Name (නාම) .& a Body/meaning (රූප).

In other words, myself is the definition of infinitely many verses.

Worldly (ලෞකික)

Observe world items from within.


Other-worldly (පාරලෞකික)

Observe others' worlds from my world.


Unworldly (ලෝකෝත්තර)

Observe from out of the world

Inter-worldly (ලෝකාන්තර)

Mutual communication or movement between worlds


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