Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do you think as a master, slave or peer?

Societies that we are memberships of, are hierarchical. (including citizenship of a Government).

There exist master-slave and pear-to-peer relationships.

Suppose, you are the owner (people) of a company. You apply for a labor position (citizen), down the hierarchy of your company, and get a job.

If your mindset is of a peer, you care for other labors and ask for a pay rise. (like laborers in Labor Unions). Your objective is your peers' pay rise.

If your mindset is of a master, you hire and fire the management. (like people in a republic) Your objective is expanding the scopes of the company and you direct the company, because you see the big picture. As a predator, you need more work for less pay.

If your mindset is of a slave, your objective is to do what is told by your master/management, and to be the favorite, in order to receive more privileges/bonus. (as citizens in a democracy). As a prey, you fear punishment, and you dream of more payment for less work.

What is your mindset in general? master, slave or peer?

Is the monopoly Government in you country, a Republic Government, a Republic but operate as a Democracy or a Pure Democracy, or otherwise? That might define the mindset for the population, by and large.

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