Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Infinity Squared

What is negative infinity squared?;_ylt=AjGFdByzKWWsuEJBWyd0Km8.3IlQ;_ylv=3?qid=20121025115323AAHpkgW

Is it defined? Also, any additional information about radicals (especially cubic and beyond) involving positive and negative infinity would be nice.

You had an answer: (-∞)^2 = ∞

Dear childwordsmith,

Before memorizing mechanical calculations, try to get to know what really happens with infinity and calculation.

1. infinity means, beyond a finite (system boundary/limit).

2. In 'a * b = c' equation,
a,b,c are in different scales, in turn they are in 3 different systems.
Therefore, 3 separate boundaries (limits), in turn finite and infinite considerations for each system may differ.

for example,
infinity of 'a' = infinity1
infinity of 'c' = infinity2
therefore, infinity to 'system of a' may or may not be infinity to 'system of c'.

suppose in a situation where,
size of system 'a' is equal to size of system 'c'.

Then, a given value for infinity to 'system of a' can be relatively (proportionately) considered as infinity to 'system of c'.

In your question, 'negative infinity squared' in a given system, the answer may be in infinity or unfinity.

unfinity is beyond completeness/whole/everything.


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