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Delete last job off CV

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 Deleting last job off my cv?

My last job i had was the single worst job ive ever had in my life, Terrible company,paid late all the time and not in full. I gave only 1 week notice on the job as i am also having health problems at the moment, and i told the company this, but they didnt seem to care and still tried to push me to carry on with it,just an example of what kind of people im having to deal with!!   I want to totally delete them off my CV, but its the last job i had, any way to do that? As im sure they wont even bother giving me a reference and if they do they might bad mouth me to my next prospective employer, Not sure what to do?? What about the P45 issue? Doubt they will even issue one as they are just basically the worst company in existance, thats just me being honest was one of the worst jobs ive ever had in my life, cheers any help wuold be really appreciated

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Anyone that has been in a similar situation wuold really like to hear from ureselves :) All i really wana know is the best way to cover myself and shuold i say my P45 IS lost? or not sent


 I can feel your anger and frustration. Let me explain you from a legal point of view.

First you are a people (a human) with flesh and blood and not a fictional person. You can have many persons (memberships from different societies).

The society creates an account (person) at registration for membership (birth certificate & social security number). P45 issue comes as a transaction in that account.

You cannot just wipe off/delete a transaction in accountancy. There is a double entry rule to negate a transaction. This method is used in criminal justice.

Unfortunately, your account and the other account associated with double entry are system property and if you change them by force, it would be considered as a crime under their books.

CV may seem to you as a history document, but it is a legal sworn/ affidavit to rebind you to the account. That is why, misinformation at CV or job interview may result in legal punishment.

My dear friend, you and millions of people may not know that you and they are registered as public slaves (human as a resource) and power (find out how private slavery is transferred, constitutionally) of the society you always defend can crush you.

This is serious, when robots harm people.

With sincerity, please think as human and find a way out. There are many ways to take control of the fictional system and benefit man kind.

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