Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Big Deal about Buddhism


Buddha: what does Buddha actually teach. Peace. Happiness. Spiritual enlightenment. what is the big deal.?

What does Buddha actually teach? 
(Peace. Happiness. Spiritual enlightenment....)
 What is the big deal.?

Anyone (Any Homeless person), anytime, anywhere can teach this???



The big deal about Buddhism (in simple terms) is to know, how not to play the game for no result to avoid loss.

"The sparrow remains unbeaten as long as it doesn't land where the lion roars."

Therefore, symbolic Buddha is a rebellion to be free (liberate) from suffering.

In contrast, the Bible, Qur'an, Vedas etc teach you how to play the game (nyaya=recursion) by the rules and defines world order.
As a result, the fictional society finds punishments for sins, rewards for merits and rescue (bad debt) account like Jesus to redeem sins to avoid system crash.

Buddhist scriptures do not mention sin (පව්) or merits (පින්), but monk societies misused the following words as their social game currency:
'Punya/Punnena' meaning a primary form of wisdom/ generation (ප්‍රඥාව) and 'Paapa/Pāpa' meaning 'the base'.

Buddha sees 'kusala'=accumulation and 'akusala'=non-accumulation to mean, whether you get the idea (dhamma) or not.

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